From Fear to Feline Love: Freddy’s GTHS Journey

Freddy needs a safe place

When 1-year-old Freddy arrived in November 2023, he was matted and scared, trying earnestly to escape the intake room. Our Cat Care Team patiently and compassionately cared for him in the coming weeks, shaving his mats, providing medications and food, and ensuring that he received much-needed dental care. Freddy’s desire to escape was still strong, and that meant that he would have to stay in his kennel to receive his food and medications. Eventually, Freddy would vocalize any time he wanted the wet food the team would bring. Wet food became the key to building trust with his human caregivers.

For Freddy, the smallest displays of affection are huge strides in his relationship with the GTHS team. When he rubbed against the leg of our Cat Care Coordinator, Alannah, it was a monumental shift in their relationship – even though he ran away when she reciprocated. Our medical team noted that Freddy was unkempt and having troubles overcoming his URI symptoms. With Freddy being a nervous fellow, and with Freddy’s best interest in mind, our team decided to sedate and give him a grooming and a once over medical assessment.

In support of Freddy

Freddy has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+), which makes him especially susceptible to infections and hinders his recovery times. Cats who are FIV+ can have severe responses to normally harmless bacteria and viruses. However, many cats who are FIV+ can live an average life span as well. Regular checkups and management to reduce the risk of acquiring infections is key to supporting and protecting FIV+ felines. Freddy has been able to receive this support at the GTHS, with medications, probiotics, and boosters being a regular part of his stay at the Animal Centre. Our team is committed to making this a positive and fear-free experience, and over time his trust in them has grown.

A whole new cat

From Alannah (Cat Care Coordinator): Freddy is now feeling physically better and is showing a more playful, outgoing, and affectionate side. He turns into a purring machine as you rub his cheek and enjoys being pet with a grooming glove by the volunteers. A lot of time, patience and resources has gone into caring for this cat, and the medical and behavioural progress he’s made over the last 3 months is outstanding. He’s up for adoption!

Now Freddy is purring happily when our Cat Care team comes by, happy to receive head scratches and pets. Our staff and volunteers comment regularly about what a different cat he has become. Freddy still enjoys his peace and quiet and takes his time to build relationships with new people. He is currently one of our long-term residents, patiently waiting to find a home he can call his own.

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