About the GTHS

We are a non-profit charity that operates an Animal Centre serving the south Georgian Bay region.  Founded in 1999, we provide shelter to more than 1,500 homeless animals each year and adopt them to caring families.  At the same time, we help to keep more than 3,000 pets out of the shelter system through our numerous programs and services designed to keep pets with their families during emergencies and crisis.

We also know that pets help people.  This is why we offer a variety of engaging After School programs, which has provided a safe place for more than 2,000 youth to learn more about the human-animal bond and improve their compassion and empathy through positive social interactions, time spent with like-minded people and engaging in cuddle time with cats and dogs. ​

Our life-long purpose is to learn, understand, educate, and evolve with our community. We do so to empower and inspire positive change.


We envision a community that is compassionate and caring towards pets and each other.


We offer innovative programs and compassionate services that support the well-being of pets and people.


• Humans share a bond with animals.
• Animals experience love, happiness, joy, pain, grief, and fear.
• Animals help us connect to our humanity.
• Animals improve our physical health, our mental health, and our emotional health.
• Animals love unconditionally.
• Pets deserve to have love, support, safety, connections, and physical well-being.
• People help pets and pets, ultimately, help people.


  • Compassion for pets and people. We embrace and celebrate the experiences that make us unique. By doing this, we are empowered to be compassionate and caring. This compassion has inspired life-changing programs, services, and behaviour. ​
  • Well-being. We are fierce supporters of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of pets and people. It is witnessed in our homes, programs and services, pets, and people. ​
  • Perseverance. We are passionate about solving the impossible until it becomes possible. ​
  • Inclusive. Our home, programs, services, pets and people welcome all walks of life. ​
  • Life-long learning. Our life-long mission is to learn, understand, educate, and evolve with our community. We do so to empower and inspire.

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