Signature Pet Programs

Overlooked Pets

What is an Overlooked Pet?

The GTHS Overlooked Pets program sheds light on animals that are overlooked in our care. When an animal has been placed in our “Overlooked Pets Program,” it indicates that this cat or dog has been here at the shelter for at least 3 times longer than our Average Length of Stay (for dogs that means 42 days, for cats that means 90 days). The program spotlights their incredible story, reduces their adoption fee, and ensures they can be recognized by adopters that really want to help an animal in need.

Adoption fee for Overlooked Pets:
Cats: $25
Dogs: $100

How to adopt an Overlooked Pet
If you see a pet that you are interested in adopting, please visit the GTHS Adoptions page.


What is an Underdog?

The GTHS Underdog Program spotlights animals that are experiencing behavioural challenges as barriers to adoption. The program is to help spotlight these adoptable pets and give them a greater chance at finding their forever home. Animals are placed into the Underdog Program for a variety of reasons. The Underdog Program showcases these animals who would benefit from finding an adopter that is willing to dedicate the time and energy to helping their new pet continue their behavior modification. All Underdog pets will receive adoption resources and counseling specific to their new pet’s needs.

Adoption fee for Underdogs:
Cats: $25
Dogs: $100

How to adopt an Underdog: If you see a pet that you are interested in adopting, please visit the GTHS Adoptions page.

Special Paws

What is a Special Paws?

The GTHS Special Paws Program facilitates the adoption of an animal with a chronic medical condition or one that is quite elderly.  Adoptable pets are entered into this program when they have a high quality of life but will need ongoing support through medications or care.  Special Paws animals will have a reduced adoption fee and a comprehensive medical package disclosing their medical history while in our care. Resources and medications (where applicable) will be included. Our Special Paws adoptables are full of love and gratitude for the incredibly compassionate adopters that welcome them into their homes. Adoption fee for Special Paws animals:

Cats: $25
Dogs: $100

If you see a pet that you are interested in adopting please visit the GTHS Adoptions page.

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