Pet of the Week

Say hello to the new GTHS Pet of the Week, Chevy!

This handsome fella is 10-years-old, and he is hoping to find a new home soon. The GTHS team say he is a sweet dog who loves being around people to get all the love and attention he can get!

Chevy will need a family who can help him cut some weight down as he is a wee bit on the heavy side. Due to his current weight, he has a hard time moving around, so short walks are best right now. Once he is at a healthier weight, he will be able to go on longer walks.

He is also in the Special Paws program because he has a few health concerns, which includes his weight. He is on a special diet, and in time, he might need medications and medical treatment. The GTHS team are not sure how long it will take for his health condition to progress due to his age. However, finding a comfortable home, which is full of love, would be amazing for him!

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