A holiday note from the Executive Director

Dear Friends & Supporters of the Animals,

As the snow begins to fly, it is undeniable that the holiday season is upon us! The year is winding to an end and the shorter days allow for a period of reflection and pause. This time of year fills my heart with a huge amount of pride and love for the GTHS team and the work that we do.

This time of year makes me so grateful to our supportive and generous community.
1300 homeless cats and dogs turned to the GTHS in need in 2017 and over 400 cats were fixed through community spay/neuter programs. These numbers are staggering and are the result of teamwork, compassion, collaboration and leadership at every level of the organization. They are a reflection of our growing population as well as a community that is making meaningful strides towards responsible pet ownership.

As I sit at my desk reflecting on the year, I stumble over which story to tell.
Do I tell the story of the TNR (trap, neuter release) volunteers that sit in cold vehicles for hours waiting for cats to enter traps?
Do I talk about our foster heroes? The incredible people that shelter and provide care for GTHS underdogs, newborn kittens and many others?
What about the volunteers that have quietly dedicated over ten years to our organization arriving faithfully every week for their shift.
Or the staff member that adopted an ailing cat that she knew only she had the skills to save?
What about the community member that stopped his car when he saw a cat at the side of the road? The person that paused in the middle of a busy day to save a half frozen cat and drive her to safety.

In the end, these stories tell one tale, and that is of our belief, that every pet deserves a home.
As I quoted from Ghandi at our Furball Gala this year, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Thank YOU for making this community great and ensuring our animals have a voice that is heard.
Thank you for working together with us to create a safer, kinder and more humane community.

From everyone at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society including our animal shelter and our Treasure Tails,
Thank you for making a difference.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family,


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