GTHS Maternity Ward!

Volunteers have been extremely busy lately assisting in births and caring for Moms-to-be, new Moms and newborn kittens. In the past week GTHS has been the birth place for 3 litters with a total of 15 kittens! All Moms and kittens are doing well. And, there is still one mom-to-be who will be joining the ward soon.

The Maternity Ward has been set up to give each Mom and her litter privacy and comfort. Each new family is settled in a large open-end bin with a sheet over the top.

Mom, Beatrice is keeping her kittens close as Mom, Suzanna overstays her welcome. We think Suzanna was trying to lay claim to Beatrice’s kittens!!




Beatrice put her paw down and sent Suzanna off to look after her own litter!


Here Beatrice relaxes with her 4 kittens; Cayenne, Minnie, Thor and Tom Thompson.






Suzanna has her paws full with 6 kittens (yet to be named).


Here’s Mom, Geneva and her 5 kittens; Summer, Tangerine, Huxley, Nigel and Pippa.

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