A Cup of Coffee to Impact a Life

The GTHS PAW (Pre-Authorized Withdrawal) Monthly Donor Program is where your small contributions can make a significant difference to the lives of the pets at the GTHS. As animal lovers, we all want to support animals in need, and the PAW program gives you an opportunity to do just that. By donating a small amount each month, you can help provide a steady stream of funding to support the life-saving work that takes place at the GTHS every day.  

One of the benefits of monthly PAW donations is that they provide a reliable stream of revenue for the GTHS. Consistent monthly support can help reduce overhead costs and improve administrative efficiency. This means that more of your donation goes directly towards supporting pets in need. 

It is important to remember that even the smallest contributions can make a significant impact when they are consistent. By donating the cost of a coffee each month, for example, you can help ensure that the pets at the GTHS have access to the supplies and services they need to thrive. Your small effort can add up to a larger lasting impact, making a real difference to the lives of the animals in our care. 

The cost of a cup of coffee may not seem like a lot, but over time, a donation in this amount could save a life. Let’s assume a cup of coffee costs an average $2.50: 

 1 Cup of coffee per month = $2.50 PAW Monthly Donation = $ 30/ year  

This is enough to help vaccinate and microchip one of the pets in our care.     

4 Cups of coffee per month =$10 ($2.50 x 4 cups) PAW Monthly Donation = $120/ year  

This is enough to help provide flea and tick treatment for one of the pets in our care.  

10 Cups of coffee per month = $25 ($2.50 x 10 cups) PAW Monthly Donation = $300/ year  

This is enough to help cover kitty litter for one month for cats in our care.  

Can you spare the cost of a coffee to help our pets? In the absence of any federal or provincial government funding, we rely on the generosity of local businesses and individuals to help fund our daily operations. Can we count on you for your support? 

With the GTHS PAW Monthly Donor Program, your monthly commitment will help the GTHS provide essential care and resources to animals who deserve the best chance for a healthy and happy life. JOIN NOW to maximize your impact in 2024! 

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