Zoe needs your help!!

Zoe has lived a life of inconsistency, uncertainty and stress.  She was bought and sold online from house to house when she was finally taken home by a well-meaning single mom with two small children and two cats.  Zoe was unspayed and had never been seen by a veterinarian.  Once in her new home, the family dynamic changed when a dad, another cat, an unneutered large male dog and a new baby also joined the home.

Zoe lived for two years in a state of hyper vigilance and anxiety. Running a busy house, her mom recognized that Zoe craved a quieter home and without any other choices, made the brave decision to surrender her into our care.

Zoe has a sweet and loving personality. She wants to play and please.

After being welcomed into our care and given some time to exhale, we sent Zoe for her veterinary exam and spay surgery. Unusual findings were discovered during her spay and using further tests, Zoe was diagnosed with Chronic Active Hepatitis, a condition that if left untreated, will end her life in a short period of time.

Zoe has been entered into the Guardian Angels program as we want to save her life. We are hoping to raise $3000 that will provide her with eight months of medication that will restore her liver and expel the toxins that have built up inside it. These medications and dietary supplements will be given to Zoe’s adopters and enable her to live a long and healthy life.

Today we are asking for donations towards Zoe’s care by contributing a gift to the GTHS Guardian Angels program. In addition, we are asking you to please spread the word. We hope and dream that an adoptive person or family might consider providing Zoe with the stability and life-time home that she desperately craves.


From everyone at the GTHS – THANK YOU.

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