Youth Programming at the GTHS

Remember how excited you used get as a child (and still do!) when you saw a dog or a cat?! We certainly do. It was the best feeling – to hear those purrs and see those tail wags – it would turn anyone’s frown upside down even on the worst of days.

We are proud to provide youth programming for that very reason. Not only do our Youth Programs provide children with an extra-curricular activity, it also helps them establish empathy, gives them the opportunity to socialize with like-minded peers and teaches them about responsibility and what it takes to care for a vulnerable being.

Our JUNIOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM allows youth 10-14 years old to participate in adult supervised enrichment with our kittens and adult cats.  This program is intended for youth who cannot officially volunteer at the shelter but would like to spend time with the cats and kittens and learn about the role of the GTHS volunteer.  The Junior Volunteer Program is an excellent entry into the world cat care and community involvement in our organization.

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The GTHS PET SITTERS COURSE also engages youth 10-14 years old. This certification course will help participants: gain an understanding of how dogs and cats are different and require different care; learn about feeding, watering, and exercising pets; discover different emergency situations they may encounter and how to handle them; learn the types of questions to ask and the information they need from your potential clients when making the initial home visit; learn what to do when a pet gets lost or needs expensive veterinary care; and, earn a Pet Sitters certificate endorsed by the GTHS so they can start finding new clients and exercising their entrepreneurial spirit. This program is FREE of charge!

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Both programs are run by Humane Education staff members and volunteers – most of whom have extensive experience in the education field. 

Happy Learning!

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