Walkathon My Way – Monika Merz

Tomorrow is the official start of Walkathon Week for our 8th Annual (Virtual) Walkathon Your Way and we can’t think of a better way to usher in this exciting week than by spotlighting Monika Merz. As you’ll read Monika has been a GTHS supporter for years! This year she is Co-Chairing our Walkathon Event and previously Chaired our last two Walkathons! Monika also is part of our Fundraising Committee. She has an extensive business background and we are so incredibly lucky to have her on our team! Read more to learn about Monika’s walk. We are so thankful for you Monika!

“My husband and I initially came to this area to ski and hike. This was long before the Georgian Triangle Humane Society existed to look after abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs.

I remember hiking at the top of the escarpment on a cold winter day and discovering that there were cats living under a dumpster. We couldn’t catch them and Not knowing what to do I bought a big plastic tub and filled it with lots of dry cat food. But that was a one time thing as we were only here occasionally.

A number of years later I discovered some black cats that were hiding in the area around the 18th hole at our golf club. They had probably been dumped there as unwanted pets.

I had started to donate to what at the time was called the Georgian Bay Animal Rescue. When that group became the GTHS and built a shelter we donated some bricks as we saw how important this initiative was.

Monika, her husband Michael, and GTHS Board Members David Garner + John Worts at our Furball Gala

We have been supporters since those early days and now as the population of the Georgian Triangle grows we see how that need is even more important.

The GTHS takes in unwanted and abandoned animals and gives them a chance to find love and give love. We have always had pets who have somehow found us. 2 years ago when our cat Anna died we found our cat Spirit at the GTHS. She has become a special part of our household and a companion to our other cat Tora-Chan. I don’t know anything about her early life as she was just over 2 years old when she joined us but it has been special to see her trust and confidence grow from her initial skittishness.

What is especially gratifying is knowing that when she was not wanted she had a chance to find a new home at the GTHS and didn’t have to live under a dumpster.

That is why Michael and I walk and support the GTHS.”

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