Cat Care Team – Shelter Aide

Two Shelter Aides are scheduled each afternoon to ensure that the Animal Centre is stocked, clean and ready for the next day. The Shelter Aide role is also integral to increasing the welfare and health of our adoptable cats.

In 2023, our Cat and Dog Care Teams cared for more than 1500 animals onsite at our Animal Centre.

The Shelter Aide reports to the Cat Care Coordinator and liaises with their counterpart to share the afternoon routine and duties. Shelter Aides ensure our Animal Kitchen is clean, organized and regularly stocked with food, litter and supplies, and replenish items for the Intake and Quarantine / Isolation Rooms to provide our cats and kittens with the supplies they need. Other duties include dishes, laundry and ensuring our Adoption Rooms, Medical Intake Room and communal areas are clean, tidy and well maintained. The Shelter Aide also spends time with our feline residents to provide mental and physical stimulation. These enrichment activities allow our cats to continue to express normal feline behaviour despite being in a ‘shelter’ environment.
Time Commitment
Approximately 3 hours per week. This position starts at 1pm until approximately 4pm. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Coordinate with fellow Shelter Aide to share the afternoon’s routine and duties, including oversight of the ‘front’ or ‘back’ areas of the Animal Centre
  • Perform laundry tasks (washing, drying and folding linens)
  • Stock trolleys
  • Clean dirty animal dishes and litter pans
  • Disinfect cat carriers and / or kennels, if appropriate
  • Remove contents of empty kennels for adopted cats, if appropriate
  • Dispose of garbage and recyclables
  • Tidy, clean and disinfect surfaces and floors in Animal Kitchen, Medical Intake Room and communal areas
  • Feed kittens and other cats (if needed)
  • Top up water and dry food (if needed)
  • Scoop litter boxes in Main Adoption Rooms
  • Assist Cat Care Coordinator (if needed)
  • Interact with cats for socialization and enrichment purposes
  • Adapt activities based on cats being interacted with
  • Stimulate and interact with cats (includes grooming, play and snuggles)
  • Reduce cat stress and improve their overall wellness
  • Provide cognitive stimulation and encourage curiosity
  • Provide places for cats to hide and perch, as appropriate
  • Stimulate cats’ hunting instinct
  • Make enrichment items (food puzzles, cat cabins…)
  • Identify and report any behavioural concerns
  • Follow appropriate protocol, policies and procedures
  • Use online Contact List & Schedule to reflect any absences and to coordinate shift coverage
  • 16 years of age minimum
  • Demonstrates understanding and passion for animal welfare
  • Experience working with or handling cats
  • Strong work ethic
  • Dependable, self-motivated and energetic
  • Works well unsupervised, alone and in a team environment
  • Exercises patience
  • Good communication skills
  • Reads and follows directions, and follows protocol
Positions currently available

Our Cat Care Team is urgently looking for Shelter Aides to join their team on Fridays or Saturdays. Please apply today!

All applications are acknowledged, so please check your email inbox (and junk/spam folder) for a response.

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