Cat Care – Food Fairy

The Food Fairy is integral to maintaining the welfare of our cats and kittens. This position starts early in the morning to ensure that all feline residents have finished eating prior to the Cat Care Team coming onsite to prepare the Adoption Rooms for the day and in readiness for any medications to be administered.

In 2023, our Cat and Dog Care Teams cared for more than 1500 animals onsite at our Animal Centre.

The GTHS Food Fairy reports to the Cat Care Coordinator and ensures that all kittens and cats in the building are fed. Other duties include topping up water, washing food dishes, tidying, record keeping as necessary and following the feeding chart accurately.
Time Commitment
1-2 hours per week. This position can start any time from 6am, for duties to be concluded by 8am. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Feed cats and kittens in Adoption Rooms, Lobby and Isolation / Quarantine Rooms appropriate wet food (based on dietary requirements) or remove food, as appropriate
  • Feed kittens / cats / sick felines in appropriate order for infection control purposes
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when present in each Isolation / Quarantine Room
  • Provide fresh drinking water, dry food and wet food in clean bowls and dishes
  • Remove and wash dirty animal dishes
  • Disinfect work surfaces, as necessary
  • Check all kennels and cages are properly locked before leaving each room
  • Dispose of garbage and recyclables, as necessary
  • Follow appropriate protocol, policies and procedures
  • Use online Contact List & Schedule to reflect any absences and to coordinate shift coverage
  • 16 years of age minimum
  • Demonstrates understanding and passion for animal welfare
  • Strong work ethic
  • Dependable and self-motivated
  • Works well unsupervised
  • Ability to read and follow directions
  • Ability to follow protocol

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