Canine Foster Volunteer

Canine Foster Volunteers provide a safe, loving and temporary home for puppies, senior dogs and adult dogs with specific needs.  You must have the ability to separate the foster animals from any pets in your home by keeping them in a separate room, if necessary.  We will provide training and all the supplies you need.

In 2023, our Animal Care Team looked after more than 1500 animals onsite and, thanks to our Foster Volunteers, 1044 additional cats and dogs were cared for in loving foster homes.

Canine Foster Volunteers are responsible for helping puppies (litter sizes can range from 4-6 puppies), seniors and / or adult dogs in their care thrive until they are ready to be adopted.  This will include feeding the animals at least twice a day, possibly more, potty training (for puppies), and exercising and socializing the animals.  It may also include bottle feeding and administering oral medications.
Time Commitment
Typically varies from 1 to 4 hours a day depending on the situation.  Foster terms generally last between 2 and 10 weeks.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Maintain clean and tidy environment
  • Provide treats, food, clean water and clean bedding as required
  • Provide puppy pee-pad training, if necessary
  • Bathe and groom dogs, as necessary and if comfortable doing so
  • Interact with dogs for walks, training and socialization
  • Provide a structured environment and reinforce behaviours that make dogs more adoptable
  • Assist in the maintenance of dogs’ health and welfare
  • Administer medication, as required and as instructed
  • Ensure any veterinary appointments are kept
  • Return dogs to GTHS Animal Centre as required (for surgery, treatment, adoption…)
  • Ensure dogs are safe and secure
  • Follow appropriate protocol, policies and procedures
  • Everyone in the household must be in agreement
  • A room for fostering
  • Committed to animal welfare
  • Experience fostering puppies and/or dogs is preferred, but not necessary (NB: Experience is essential if fostering dogs with behavioural concerns)
  • Willing to learn to bottle feed (if fostering pregnant/nursing moms or puppies)
  • Willing to provide medication
  • Self motivated
  • Ability to read and follow directions
  • Ability to follow protocol
  • Good communication skills
Positions currently available

We’re always looking for Canine Foster Volunteers to join our Foster Team. Our greatest areas of need are caring for: pregnant moms, moms with their puppies and puppy litters. Please apply today to open your heart and home to animals in need!

All applications are acknowledged, so please check your email inbox (and junk/spam folder) for a response.

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