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Animal Transfer Volunteer

The Animal Transfer Volunteer supports our Outreach Programs by transporting cats or dogs to our Animal Centre from outside the Georgian Triangle Area. This volunteer may occasionally be asked to support our Cat and Dog Care Teams by driving animals to and from local veterinary clinics for surgical and healthcare appointments.

266 animals were transported to our Animal Centre in 2022, to receive care onsite or with GTHS Foster families before finding their forever homes in our community.

The GTHS Animal Transfer Volunteer coordinates with the Transfer Coordinator and/or Animal Health Technician (or designate) relating to the collection or drop-off of animals, and uses a GTHS vehicle or their own vehicle for transportation. The Animal Transfer Volunteer accompanies the animal to its destination (in a carrier or kennel), with corresponding documentation and/or medication. GTHS Yellow Dog Walker/Handler status is required in order to assist with dog transportation.
Time Commitment
Animal transportation takes place on an ad hoc, as needed, basis. The length of time volunteered will depend on the collection/drop-off point for each transfer.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Maintain clean and tidy GTHS van (inside and outside)
  • Stock vehicle with appropriate items required for each transport (gas, kennels, bowls, food, water…)
  • Ensure appropriate documentation and/or medication is available for each transfer
  • Liaise with rescue group/veterinary staff/airport personnel, etc. at the collection/drop-off point
  • Load/unload animals in carriers or kennels
  • Ensure animals are safe and secure
  • Follow appropriate protocol, policies and procedures
  • Ensure photocopy of valid/most recent version of G2 driver’s license is retained by GTHS
  • Valid G2 driver’s license
  • A commitment to animal welfare
  • Self motivated
  • Ability to follow protocol
  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of this volunteer role and of the organization
  • Review and sign-off of the Animal Transport Guidelines / GTHS Van Use Agreement
  • For volunteers assisting with canine transportation:
    • GTHS Yellow Dog Walker / Handler status will need to be gained to assist with dog transportation. Training will be coordinated upon request.
    • Review and sign-off of the GTHS Canine Domestic Transport & Intake Process

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