Volunteer Story: How I came to volunteer at GTHS

Linda is a volunteer with our Dog Care Team and submitted a story to us on how she came to volunteer at GTHS.  The story is one that we wanted to share with others. Thanks to Linda for sharing and for being a great volunteer!

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day one Thanksgiving, and my friend asked me to go for a motorcyle ride.  We met in Stayner, enjoyed brunch together and then decided to head over to the boat locks.

Riding down Vasley Road, a woman did not see us on our bikes and pulled out in front of us.  It all happened so fast, I had nowhere else to go…..and I hit her.  I felt myself fly off the back of the bike and I landed on my face.

I don’t remember the landing as I blacked out immediately.  I was taken to the Midland Hospital, then air lifted to Toronto.  I later learned that I had broken every bone in my face and badly cracked my skull.

Within a week of the accident I was set-up with an Occupational Therapist and a Physiotherapist.  The goal ahead of me – to build my strength up.  I was progressing nicely for awhile, until I hit a peak.  I would get fatigued easily and no longer went to the gym.  I wasn’t sure what to do, until my doctors suggested that I volunteer or find a hobby.  It seemed like an easy choice – I would volunteer at GTHS!

I’ve been told that my recovery will be slow, and that I should break jobs up into tasks.  I also found out that walking a block produces endorphins,  which makes me feel good!

I’m now averaging 3 times a week at GTHS.  To me, there is nothing better than to walk and look after a 4-legged friend! 🙂

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