Sunday Volunteer of the Day: Fran!

Cat Care Volunteer – Fran

FranFran is a Cat Care Volunteer at GTHS and has been with the organization for 5 years. Prior to the GTHS Shelter opening, she volunteered her time with Hope House – one of our old locations.   Fran discovered Hope House from a co-worker who also volunteered there, and they have both been with GTHS ever since.

Fran comes in once a week and spends all day with us, from 8am-4pm.  She even comes in on days that other volunteers are sick or away to help with the care of the cats! Fran helps around the shelter with daily cat checks, cat medications and any general cat care we may need for that day. She is such a hard and strong worker, and we are so appreciative for everything she has done over the many years she has given us.

Fran you are such an important part of GTHS and hope you are with us for a long time to come!



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