Vets of Tomorrow I Program Breakdown

Vets of Tomorrow Level I is the first part of two online courses designed for youth aged 11+ who love animals and who want to explore careers in animal care. Participants will learn what it takes to become a veterinarian through a variety of fun and interactive activities. The course will take approximately 6-7 hours to complete and is self-directed. Each registrant has six months to complete the course from the date of registration. Upon successful completion of the course, the registrant is provided with a certificate completion that can be used for personal portfolios, part-time job applications, volunteer applications, and proof of prerequisite for Vets of Tomorrow Level II. The Vets of Tomorrow course is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the components required for a student interested in pursuing a career in animal welfare. These programs are directed by experienced animal care professionals who are sure to ignite your compassion and empathy for all living things.

Prerequisite: Junior Animal Welfare Course

This course will provide the foundation for Vets of Tomorrow and will introduce students ages 11+ to theory and application of care of domesticated pets, with a primary focus on cats and dogs.

Unit 1: Introduction to Pets
Unit 2: Dog and Cat Anatomy
Unit 3: Daily Wellness Checks and Vitals
Unit 4: Exercise, Enrichment and Behaviour
Unit 5: Professional Care and Careers

Graduates get an opportunity for a 3-hour workshop in a fully accredited Companion Animal Hospital. Learnings will include a hospital tour, equipment identification, animal handling
and the ability to observe and practice a head to tail physical examination. 


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