Treasure Tails nominated for business of the year!

Treasure Tails is a retail thrift store that sells quality donated furniture and household goods to raise money for the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS). Located in beautiful downtown Collingwood, the store has been open for over five years and is operated entirely by volunteers. Treasure Tails has a good reputation in the community and as a result, is able to support over 30% of the operational income for the animals at the GTHS animal shelter.

The Treasure Tails motto, “Antiques to Amazing Finds”, appeals to a wide range of shoppers who know the volunteers keep to a high standard of selection, cleanliness and display. Donors are happy to give quality items knowing that their donations will go to a worthy cause. Animals in need are often advertised at the Treasure Tails store as the two enterprises work closely together.

Treasure Tails customers are become loyal once they realize the reasonable rates for quality items. Customers are known to return two to three times throughout the week in order to browse our newest arrivals. Shoppers on a limited budget are so grateful to find affordable high quality furniture that they would otherwise not be able to afford.
Treasure Tails is a first-stop destination for tourists or weekenders that collect their household donations for their return trip to Collingwood. Most importantly, Treasure Tails lives by the motto “Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose”. It is a good feeling to keep useable items out of landfills. Items not sold often are donated to other charities or put out in a Free Box on the street.
We are very honoured to be nominated for this award.

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