You may remember seeing this beautiful little ball of fluff on our Facebook page before Christmas. Tinsel was found as an abandoned stray, outside in the cold. She was matted to the bone, thin and very frail. The incredible team at GTHS worked tirelessly to bring this sweet and terribly shy kitten back to health.
Once Tinsel was ready for adoption, we just knew we were going to have to find someone very special to care for this nervous little soul, who had such a rough start to life. That’s when we got the email…A very special inquiry, about our very special girl.
Tinsel’s mom made a 4 hour trip to adopt her!!

“I just wanted to let you know that Tinsel is doing great! She is starting to make friends with her blind big brother, she has a great appetite and she LOVES getting cuddles (mainly in my lap). She still has her own room I call Tinsel Town, that she goes in when I am not home. She has been playing with toys in there and has turned out to be a playful little girl. She is getting more and more playful by the day. Thank you so much for rescuing her and letting her be part of my family. She is just an awesome cat and a perfect fit here. We love her and I am so grateful for her.”

This is Tinsel now with her blind, big brother Lennon, who was also a rescue pet. Tinsel is now just where she’s meant to be; in a wonderful home with a family that loves her! What a Happy Tail!

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