This is animal transfer

It’s 530 am and we are waiting in a parking lot. Seagulls are flying around us. Crates are prepped, local volunteers have started to arrive, x pens have been set up, the coffee is steaming as we wait.
This is animal transfer.
It occurs at all hours. It’s filled with long moments, dozens of decisions, intricate plans and spreadsheets, heaps of compassion and a ton of patience.

Today we are working together with Northern Reach Rescue Network, Saving Elmo Rescue, Northern Connection and Oakville Humane Society to facilitate the transfer of 39 pets to adoptive homes. We are waiting for adults, babies and two dogs that were recently hit by cars. Our pain meds are prepped and ready.
This collaboration requires teamwork from dozens of volunteers, animal welfare professionals and donors. It is emotional work because these animals are truly so vulnerable. They are scared and overwhelmed. We want to communicate that this is almost over. We load them as safely and as quickly as possible, skip breakfast and get on the road.

Our drive home is 7 hours to Collingwood. We will be greeted by GTHS staff and volunteers to help settle and care for our cargo. Some of the pets will be transferred further south to organizations. The most injured will receive immediate care and assessment.

Behind me, as I type this, Bear looks at me through the crate bars. Her intelligent eyes are seeking connection. She was the dog that I took for a walk during our break. Clearly she has had multiple litters. I find myself asking what her journey has been. I find myself smiling as I envision her adopters and her final chapter.
The cost of this journey will be around $2,000 plus the surgeries that both of our dogs who were hit by cars will need early next week. We are so grateful to our donors that ensure this work is possible. Every dollar counts. Every dollar makes a difference.
In a world that is topsy turvy, I feel so much hope and gratitude. The road before us is long but the sun is bright and our cargo is safe and sound.

Stay tuned, 
PS: If you would like to help with this animal transfer, please visit:

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