This GTHS Puppy was DNA Tested!

Have you ever heard of DNA My Dog?  It’s a company that helps you DNA test your dog and find out their genetic make-up!

One of our GTHS Alumni was recently tested it is amazing what they found!  And the best part?  He was just one puppy from a litter of 7!  (Was your puppy part of that litter?  read on!)


Georgia – the mom – came to GTHS from a reserve up North.  She was brought to us by Animal Rescue Foundation, a fantastic organization that helps animals in need!  When she was checked by the vet, it was discovered that she was pregnant!

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She gave birth to a litter of 7 puppies in early May….and they were SO ADORABLE!!  Just look at these pictures!  One of our amazing volunteers, Jennifer, stepped up to care for Georgia and her puppies until they were ready for adoption.

the puppies

By July, the puppies were ready for their forever homes and all 7 found loving families very quickly!

Jennifer even decided that she would adopt Mom and one of her puppies, Jimmy!


Sasha Jimmy George

jennifer, jimmy and georgia today!

Jimmy - 2013 - reunion visit in 2014

Here is Jennifer, in March 2014, back for a visit.  Georgia is on the right and Jimmy is on the left.  Jennifer did a DNA test on Jimmy…and here is what she found:

– part Husky
– part Norweigen Elk Hound
– part POODLE!!!

What a mix!  We just had to share so that Jimmy’s litter mates could learn their background. Thanks to Jennifer for letting us know the results!

If anybody else decides to DNA their GTHS Dog, please let us know the results!  We always love hearing about our Alumni 🙂

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