The Rioux Baker Team and Bonita’s Happy Ending

No you’re crying! Okay, we are all crying.
This sweetheart is BONITA!
We highlighted BONITA in our most recent live video. She had been in our care since May of this year. Her 5 five babies were all adopted and she had been patiently waiting to find her family. Our Adoptions Partners Rioux Baker Real Estate Team were so moved they asked if they could cover the cost of BONITA’s adoption fee.
In comes BONITA’s new family. They were looking for a quiet, affectionate companion cat that would also get along with their GTHS Alum dog. BONITA was their purrfect match. They were over the moon about BONITA’s adoption fee being covered but wanted to pay it forward. They made the decision to donate the cost of what would have been BONITA’s adoption fee back to GTHS.
THANK YOU to our Adoption Partners Sherry Rioux and Emma Baker and THANK YOU to BONITA’s family. A purrfect story of compassion for pets and people at work  ❤

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