The Magic of Fostering

Fostering is the buzz word these days at the GTHS because we know that our foster heroes save lives! As our organization works to help all animals (from the very young to the very old) who come to our door in need, foster homes are the critical key to our success!
The best part of the Foster Program is how relatively easy it is to help out. Most pets just need a short-term place to stay that is warm and safe. Often these pets will be more than happy in a spare room or bathroom (kittens for example).

Most importantly, this year our foster parents are a key element in the new GTHS Pet Retention Program. Foster homes provide temporary boarding to community pet owners who are facing situations of domestic violence or temporary loss of housing. By offering temporary sanctuary to a local cat or dog you can provide hope to a woman, pet owner or family that needs a few days to get back on their feet.
Why foster?

– Fostering can alleviate loneliness, depression and anxiety, it’s science!
– Fostering helps the GTHS save more lives
– Fostering gives you a ‘pet fix’ without the long-term responsibility (for those who travel for example)
– You are increasing an animal’s adoptability
– By fostering a pet from the Pet Retention Program, you are helping a person going through a crisis have one less thing to worry about, knowing that their beloved pet is safe.

Foster homes are needed for:

– Unweaned kittens and mother cats
– Orphaned kittens
– Unweaned puppies and mother dogs
– Orphaned puppies
– Pets who are part of the Pet Retention Program
– Senior dogs who are not fairing well in the shelter environment

How to Get Started?

– Fill out one of our Foster Volunteer Applications and email it to Our Program Coordinator will be in touch to discuss the next steps!

To learn about becoming a Foster Volunteer please visit our website. Please consider joining us for our Foster Information Evening on February 27th at 5:30pm at the GTHS Animal Shelter. Bring your questions and RSVP by emailing


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