The GTHS Supports Public Wellbeing

Pet population control is an essential public service protecting our local ecosystems, preventing traffic accidents and animal related injury.

  • Each year, the GTHS provide 3,000 Spay and Neuter services, preventing the risk of 30,000 pets becoming strays, surrenders, or worse, in the following year.
  • The GTHS helped nearly 80 lost pets find their way home by building trusting partnerships with municipal pound programs and local residents and improved outcomes for the future by supporting over 450 pets through our microchip clinics.

Pet ownership provides significant economic stimulation. According to Statista, Canadians spent over $9 Billion on their pets in 2019. Our community is home to many pets related businesses including:

  • Veterinarians, groomers and other animal care providers
  • Overnight boarding, day care and walking services and behavior training.
  • Retailers selling pet food, toys and accessories.
  • Even fence companies, professional cleaners and pet insurance providers benefit from a healthy pet population.

Animal Welfare agencies help reduce strain on our health care sector by:

  • Promoting population control and housing stray pets to prevent traffic accidents and animal related injuries.
  • Providing affordable access to vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease from pets to people.
  • Pet ownership reduces stress and anxiety, promotes active living, healthy aging, compassion and overall wellbeing for people.

Our new facility will be located on 5 acres of land with public trails and park space benefitting the community at large.

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