Sweet Emily Needs Help!

Emily was found by a young couple that moved into a farm house in early April. Emily was the mother of five baby kittens that she was nursing in an abandonded doghouse. She was a good mom, but the kind couple could see that she was desperate for food and very ill with an upper respiratory infection. Knowing they had to help they called the Georgian Triangle Humane Society and brought them all to our facility.

Upon arrival the staff and volunteers at GTHS knew they needed immediate medical attention. The four week old kittens had been sick for weeks and were very ill. Emily was also sick but was friendly and trusting through her examination. Of greatest concern was her left eye which was swollen, ulcerated and infected. Medications were dispensed immediately for Emily and she was whisked back to GTHS for intensive care. Sadly, our hard working doctors were only able to save one kitten, little Kipper, and he was housed with his mom in our sick room.

Emily’s condition was much improved at her re-examination ten days later. With the reduced swelling our doctor could now see a possible foreign body lodged in her eyeball, impeding the eye from healing properly. Eye removal surgery was recommended as the best solution for Emily. As soon as Emily is up for it, her surgery will be booked!

At this time we are asking for donations for Emily. We have a fundraising goal of $1000 to help cover her surgery, medications, care and rehabiliation.

Stay tuned for updates on Sweet Emily!

Emily and KipperEmily

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