From a Street Life, to a Safe Life

From the street life, to a safe life

desireeWe will never know Desiree’s story, but sometimes a picture says a thousand words.

When Desiree arrived at the GTHS animal shelter on August 8th she was emaciated, scared and nervous of people. Wandering as a stray in Collingwood, it was apparent from her condition that she had likely been alone for a while.

“When we first met Desiree we knew we had to handle her with care. She would ‘pancake’ every time we entered her kennel and avoid eye contact at all costs. She acted as if she had never been walked on leash and her teeth indicated years of poor nutrition.” – Courtney Hancock, Canine Behaviour and Program CoordinatorDesiree upon intake

As soon as she was well enough, Desiree was taken to the vet for dental and spay surgery and routine preventative care. Every day she seemed to be stronger and happier, the change was amazing to witness.

On September 2nd, Desiree was adopted into an incredible home. Recently the adopters sent photos of her with her new family. Seeing her happy and content just warmed our hearts!

Desiree represents hundreds of dogs that enter the GTHS program every year. To help dogs like Desiree please consider making a donation at

Desiree, happy and safe in her new home
Desiree, happy and safe in her new home


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