Spring is here…..it is time to ID your pet!

As spring encroaches, we welcome the fresh air, bright sunshine and outdoor activity. Our pets, like us, also feel the ‘spring jitters’ and are eager to get outside to explore, sniff and soak up the vitamin D. Spring time is a busy time of year at the GTHS Animal Shelter due to a higher than normal volumes of stray and lost pets. For this reason, as part of responsible pet ownership,  we are urging pet owners to ensure their pet is properly identified so that  a quick reunion is achieved when a pet goes wandering.

The three best forms of pet identification are:

1. Engraved Pet ID TagPlastic Pet Tag

The quickest method of returning a lost pet home is to have a pet identification tag attached to their collar. This tag should clearly display the pet’s address and phone number. These tags can be used by animal control officers or members of the public, that find your pet, to swiftly and effectively return your pet home.

Please remember that if you are collaring a cat, you should always choose a high quality break-away collar to prevent injury. 

Personally engraved pet id tags are currently available at the GTHS Pet Store which is open daily between 10-4pm. Call ahead to 705-445-5204 or email info@gths.ca to place your order.

2. Microchips

imagesA microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of an animal. It is about the size of a grain of rice and is located in between the shoulder blades. Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and animal control officers are equipped with microchip scanners that will locate the animal’s unique microchip identification number.

Microchips can be implanted by your veterinarian. As a pet owner it is important to ensure that your contact information is kept up to date with the microchip company.

3. Municipal Licensing

Depending on the municipal bylaws, you may have to license your dog, cat or both. Licensing can be an excellent tool for pet re-homing as bylaw officers will be able to quickly search an address and if you are lucky, they may deliver your pet right to your front door! Alternatively, your pet may arrive at your local animal shelter or humane society, however with a pet tag, municipal license or microchip, your pet’s stay at the animal shelter is sure to be short.

Loosing your pet is terrifying for both animal and owner. Ensuring your pet is properly identified provides a voice for your pet and ensures the trip home is swift and safe.


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