The story of the Shakespeare Pups

It’s known that the GTHS Animal Centre is at, and often beyond capacity. An example of this is when 15 dogs came into the care of the GTHS team (another seven dogs were on the waitlist) this past April. The staff and volunteers always work incredibly hard to facilitate adoptions and arrange foster care for urgent cases.

Then an emergency call came in from local animal control. 

Eight of the dogs were found on a remote, dead-end road in Grey County, suspected of being abandoned. Not all dogs were recovered, and while some remained unaccounted for, four of these dogs were brought into the care of the GTHS. These young dogs were unsure of the GTHS team – they wanted to trust people, but they had gone through some major stress. 

The GTHS team moved quickly to help these dogs, giving them food, medical support, comfort and even names – Diomedes, Archidamus, Dion and Leonine. They had a road to recovery before they were ready to find forever homes, which included spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchips, medications, food, and enrichment.

All pups have since gone on to find wonderful, loving homes, thanks to the incredible support of our staff, volunteers and community.

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