Youth Programs

The GTHS offers a number of different online course for youth that focus on the human-animal bond. The courses were developed during Covid-19 to engage youth during the lockdowns by learning about pets and people. due to popular demand, our online courses will remain available on our virtual platform. The courses are self-directed, designed for youth who love animals and want to explore the world of animal welfare by focusing on the care and well-being of our most beloved pet companions.


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    • The first of two online courses designed for youth aged 11+ who love animals.
    • Explores a variety of animal related careers including: Veterinarian Veterinary Technician Veterinary Assistant Behaviour Specialist Pet Sitter Trainer Groomer
    • The course will take approximately 6-7 hours to complete and is self-directed.
    • Upon successful completion of the course, the registrant is provided with a certificate that can be used for: Personal portfolios Part-time job applications Volunteer applications Proof of prerequisite for Vets of Tomorrow Level II
    • Directed by experienced animal care professionals who are sure to ignite your compassion and empathy for all living things
    • This course includes: Welcome Unit 1: Introduction to Pets Unit 2: Dog and Cat Anatomy Unit 3: Daily Wellness Checks and Vitals Unit 4: Exercise, Enrichment and Behaviour Unit 5: Professional Care and Careers A 3-hour workshop at the GTHS which Includes:
      • A tour of the GTHS including the Animal Hospital
      • Equipment identification
      • The ability to practice skills learned in the course on live animals
      • Sunday, May 29th from 8:30-11:30am
    • Registration Fee: $99 + HST for a total of $111.87


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    • Become a GTHS ENDORSED Certified Pet Sitter with this online course for youth aged 10-17!
    • This 8–10-week independent course will teach you: Basic dog and cat care and their differences How to feed, water and exercise pets Basic pet first aid How to create your own marketing plan
    • Upon completion, graduates receive a certificate and a package of materials to help market and create a business
    • Registration Fee: $39 + HST for a total of $44.07



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    • This course is for ANYONE thinking about getting a pet and for all existing pet owners.
    • You will learn: Guidelines for responsible pet ownership and things to think about when choosing the right pet for your family; The importance of keeping a pet happy and healthy; The importance of having a vet and the importance of spay/neuter surgeries, microchipping, training; and, the benefits of adopting a pet in need.
    • Recommended for youth but open to all ages.
    • This engaging online course is designed to be self-directed by the user and can be submitted for 4 community involvement hours in most local school boards.
    • Registration is FREE


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    • Online learners will improve their skills in communication, emotional intelligence, and understand the value of kindness.
    • Topics Include: A History of Pets and their connection to humans Emotional intelligence and Pet Communications The Cruelty Connection: preventing violence by connecting animal cruelty to bullying and abuse Kindness Counts: learning about empathy for all living things
    • This first-of-its-kind course is designed to be self-directed by the user and can be submitted for 10 community involvement hours in most local school boards
    • Registration is FREE

TESTIMONIAL: “My daughter did this course on her own time and successfully completed it. She was so proud of her accomplishment. It was really easy to follow with the videos and the downloads. The tools that are supplied to move forward with pet sitting are excellent. I would highly recommend this course. ”

The Human Animal Bond: A Story from the Georgian Triangle Humane Society We are proud to present this GTHS Humane Education video, produced by Jennifer Bramwell & Karen Marsh. Please take a moment to learn about our program through visual storytelling. This video captures the essence of our mission at the GTHS: connecting animals and people in need so they can heal from their own unique situations and experience the transformative power of the human-animal bond.
To learn more, contact Molly, our Humane Education Coordinator or you can call us at (705) 445-5204 ext. 234