Senior Pet Month Was A Big Success

Senior pet month was a BIG success!

OMG in this case stands for Old Man George, one of the five senior cats and four senior dogs adopted through GTHS in November, which was National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

“He’s doing fabulous! He’s packing on the pounds, LOVES to cuddle on the couch and is SO chatty,” says Shannen, who adopted 15-year-old OMG (formerly Lord Byron) in November after he was found wandering around CCI high school looking for food – skinny, alone and desperate for rescue. Now Old Man George is thriving, enjoying his “golden years” with his new family.

“He’s a joy to have around, and if you’re not careful, he is quick to try to sneak out the front door,” says Shannen. “For an old man, he can move it!”

Another of our “seniors” who found his forever home in November was Chico, who came to the shelter as a local surrender. He was in quite bad shape with obvious signs of neglect and spent the first two weeks hiding in his crate, hardly touching his food. Switching him to soft food helped, and soon he started to associate people with good things and to interact more. This was followed by dental surgery, which removed several teeth as well as a tumour.

During his recovery, Chico received lots of attention from our shelter volunteers, and soon formed a beautiful bond with one of our shelter “regulars,” Courtney.

“I never thought I’d be adopting a 15-year-old Chihuahua,” says Courtney, who changed Chico’s name to Nacho Libre when she adopted him. “It has now been a month since I adopted my first-ever small dog and I can’t believe how much I love him already.”

Thanks to the love and caring of Courtney and the GTHS, Nacho has transformed into a happy, healthy senior dog who loves his new family (which includes three other dogs and a senior cat).

“He’s now a dog who greets me with a wiggly, running dance and whimpers in excitement every time I come home – a confident guy who’s approaching EVERY new person we encounter and REALLY enjoying every day of his little life,” says Courtney. “I’m confident that he’s enjoying his retirement with his new family. Providing a senior with a loving home for the rest of his days, I couldn’t be happier.”

There are plenty of benefits to selecting an older pet over a younger one. Many senior pets are already pros at basic commands, and it is easier to teach them new tricks because they are typically calmer and less energetic than puppies and kittens. Their low-key natures can also make them ideal companions for senior people as well as households with children.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month may be over until next November, but senior pets come through out doors throughout the year. So please consider giving a senior pet a loving home! You’ll be glad you did.

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