13 Year Old Sally Gets A Second Chance

13 Year Old Sally Gets A Second Chance

Submitted by Karla Seymour, GTHS Volunteer

sally-5Sally was surrendered by her elderly father who loved her dearly but could not keep up with her exercise requirements. He loved her dearly and with a teary goodbye, he wished her the best life as he knew she deserve this.

Sally did not do well in our care. She was a 13 year old girl who only knew life beside her human companion. Sally’s health and spirit began to steadily decrease in our care. She started to shut down and would refuse to go on walks that she loved so much! One of our volunteers graciously took Sally into their home to help lift her spirits, and it did!sally-1

After spending some time with us, a kind gentleman came to our shelter to visit Sally. It was meant to be! Sally and her new father had a bond that showed they were meant to be each other’s forever friend.

“She was a little nervous at first, however, she is getting a lot more comfortable. She lets me know who is boss. I have learned what she wants – couch, bed, and being cozy. Once I realized what she was used to, we have been getting away famously.”

We are so happy and thrilled for our dear Sally. Finding a home for a senior animal can be difficult at times, but we never give up. We do anything we can to ensure they go to the right home to live the rest of their days.

If you are interested in adopting a senior animal, click HERE for Dogs & click HERE for Cats!

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