Responsible Pet Ownership

May is Responsible Pet Ownership month and the GTHS is asking all pet owners to do their part to get involved. With the warm weather approaching, both owners and pets are going to be more active, making Responsible Pet Ownership extremely important.

Microchips and license tags are a highly effective way to reunite you with your pets at a low cost. Animal Control Officers, veterinary clinics and the GTHS animal shelter have microchip scanners and scan every animal that comes in lost or stray.

Animal Licence Tags and personally engraved Pet Tags also help to return lost pets home. Unlike a microchip, the tag is a visible form of identification which people can read and easily know that your pet is owned. Personally engraved pet tags can be found at local pet stores and the GTHS retail store at 549 Tenth Line in Collingwood. All pet tags are 50% off for the month of May.

Being a responsible pet owner can make a big impact towards coexisting with wildlife. Coyote Watch Canada states that 92% of conflict situations between wildlife and domestic dogs occur when dogs are off-leash.

“Responsible Pet Ownership has never been more important considering the recent challenges we have had with wildlife, such as coyotes, within the municipality. Pet owners can play a part in helping us to coexist with wildlife. Simple tasks such as keeping your dog on leash, neutering your pet and picking up after your dog really make a difference.” states Sonya Reichel, Executive Director with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society.

To help increase access to affordable veterinary services, the GTHS is running a Mobile Spay/Neuter & Wellness Day on May 26th. The services will be offered to low income, seniors and rescue partners at a significantly reduced rate in an effort to curb pet overpopulation and increase the number of pets that are vaccinated against deadly diseases likes rabies and parvovirus. For more information on this event please visit

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