Play is an important part of a puppy’s social development and a critical period in your dogs socialization between the ages of 8-16 weeks of age.

Dog play and socialization provides your dog with an outlet for their puppy energy, but it also helps with teaching a puppy how to handle social interactions with other dogs.

Puppy playgroup will allow your puppy to interact with other canine companions in a safe environment while developing inter-species communication skills.

Each playgroup is facilitated by our Certified Behaviour Specialist who will help you establish what is appropriate and not appropriate dog play. Owner’s will get to learn about canine body language and get advice on some common puppy issues such as: nipping, jumping up, house training, crate training and much more. An added bonus is that your puppy will go home tired and happy.

Duration: 45 minutes
Day: Running weekly every Thursday
Time: 5:00pm to 5:45pm
Price: $25 dollars per session
Class Size: 8 max

Please read the rules for Puppy Play Group. You will find the registration form below the rules.

Rules for Puppy Playgroup

o Proof of up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations
o Proof of being dewormed
o Puppies are well mannered, socialized (not aggressive)
o Age requirement 8 weeks to 4 months 
o Due to covid-19 restrictions, only one member from the family allowed inside the dog park with their dog
o Please refrain from touching other people’s dogs
o If dogs are jumping up on you, please ignore and turn your body away. A lot of puppies are still learning at this stage
o Let the trainer guide the play and do not pick up or grab dogs
o If your dog is showing signs of illness, please stay home until your puppy is feeling better or your vet advises its okay to bring them back to class
o Follow the trainer’s instructions
o Read and follow our Covid 19 protocol


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