Please help Nunavut

Nunavut never gave up hope.

This incredible little pup came to the GTHS as one of 8 puppies from Northern Manitoba, where he and his littermates were found hungry and abandoned on the streets.  Their mother, likely fighting to survive herself, had been forced to leave them.

When Nunavut and his crew arrived at the GTHS, despite of their challenging start to life, they were full of love and sweetness.   We knew right away that Nunavut was a very special boy, who deserved a second chance at life.

Nunavut had a serious injury that the team knew would require extensive surgery when he was old enough to handle it.  Nunavut’s local foster mom, Jamie, took him in at 3 weeks old to nurse him and give him the affection and care that he needed.    

“Despite his very young age, his horrible eye injury and how hungry he was, he was the sweetest, most loyal puppy I have ever met,” explained Jamie.

“He was starving for snuggles and attention. It was the most amazing thing to watch as he played with our kids and bonded with our older German Sheppard and cat. He was just filled with love and it brought out the best in all of us”.

Today, Nunavut is scheduled to have his left eye removed as a result of his injured retina.  He is one of the many animals, who comes to the GTHS in need of urgent medical care.   

The happy ending to Nunavut’s tale is that when his surgery is complete, he is heading home with a local family who loves and adores him, just as much as he does them! 

We are gratefully accepting donations towards Nunavut’s care.  Please consider giving Nunavut the opportunity that he deserves to continue to thrive as the young and joyful puppy that he is!

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