Pets bring us JOY

Pets make us smile. Pets bring us joy. Pets are our family.


It’s been one of those years for Tara and her family. Life is busy enough with three young kids, but in addition, Tara faced the loss of her mother to cancer, followed by her step-father, several months later.

The past year for Tara meant putting her job aside as a hair dressing teacher to take care of her parents. The stress of it all definitely took a toll so that when Blu entered their lives, things started to look a bit brighter. Blu is a fun loving, energetic husky pup. She has bright, intense blue eyes and a soft fluffy coat. Tara’s family fell in love immediately!

One morning when the kids were getting themselves out the door, the unspeakable happened. Blu dashed out to the road and was struck by a car. Heartbroken, Tara ran the pup to the veterinarian but sadly, the cost of the surgery was out of reach. Desperately needing help, Tara called the GTHS to ask for advice. In the back of her mind, she hoped there might be an alternative to surrendering their beloved pet.

Tara spoke to Lauren, Program Coordinator, and was told about the GTHS Pet Retention program. Once approved, the cost of Blu’s hip and leg surgery was covered and she was able to return home.  The surgery was successfully performed, and three happy kids were waiting at the door the day their furry sibling came home wearing a pink cast on her hind leg. Love, kisses and hugs filled the room.

$50 a month can ensure more pets like Blu can stay with their families in emergency situations.

“Love jumps hurdles and arrives at a destination full of hope” ~ Mya Angelo

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