Pet Valu Offers GTHS a helping “PAW”

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society is honoured to be the local charity chosen for the Pet Valu PAW campaign. Pet Valu stores across Canada held their second annual Pet Appreciation Weekend (PAW) event in April.

During the weekend of the event, Georgian Triangle Humane Society was provided with space at the Collingwood Pet Valu store and GTHS volunteers were on hand to provide pet care and adoption information. Collingwood Pet Valu clients were able to “Buy a Paw – Help a Pet” by purchasing a “PAW” to be displayed in the store window. The PAW campaign continued throughout the month and raised $614.00 for the shelter. That’s a lot of Paws!!

Nationally, the 2012 PAW event fund raising goal was doubled, at over $614,000, for local pet organizations. In addition, 856 pets were adopted and found their forever homes at the week-end education event. Proceeds benefit organization such as provincial Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), shelters, animal rescues and other pet related organizations. The goal of the event is to educate the public to proper pet care and to the plight of many pets who find themselves homeless and in need, by raising funds to cover their immediate health care.

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