Peg’s Happy Tail

When Peg was a young pup, she was trapped in a rabbit snare and as a result of her injuries, her leg had to be amputated. This, of course, was a major surgery that did not come at the right time for Peg. She was living on the streets in a remote northern community and she had no loving owner to turn to.

As we soon head into Holiday season, we are reminded of how grateful we are to have the support of our donors who make it possible for pets like Peg to find loving and happy homes. If it were not for the many hands and hearts who rallied together to transport Peg to the GTHS or the likeminded group of donors who made gifts towards medical care for local animals in need, Peg would not have found her loving forever home.

Thank you for making little miracles come true all year round for animals like Peg.  Tune into her “Happy Tail” to see the impact of your gifts at work: 

PS: Mark your calendars for the GTHS Holiday Open House coming up this Wednesday, December 4th! 

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