From the street life to a safe life. This is Pebbles.

Pebbles was found on the streets, skinny and alone.

We will never know her story but we are so thankful that she is warm and safe. Rescued by the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and then transferred to the GTHS, Pebbles was literally skin and bones when she was found. In her loving foster home, Pebbles slowly gained strength but with her new weight and energy, it became apparent that Pebbles has an injury on her back hind leg. When resting, she won’t put weight on it and on walks, she starts to limp.

Pebbles needs cruciate ligament surgery repair on her hind leg.

Every year the GTHS enters dozens of animals into their Guardian Angels program. These animals need special medication, support and often surgery to become ready for adoption.

The GTHS Guardian Angels program is supported by a very special someone….


YOUR donation will give Pebbles the second chance that she deserves and help hundreds of other cats and dogs in the Guardian Angels program.

Pebble’s surgery is scheduled for next week. Post-surgery she will be in foster care for 12-16 weeks while her leg rests and heals.

Today we are hoping to raise $3000 to help Pebbles and other Guardian Angels animals. We are incredibly grateful to the Thornbury Veterinary Hospital for giving us a significant discount on Pebbles’ surgery. The funds raised today will cover more than Pebble’s surgery, they will cover her care, support, medications and more animals like Pebbles to come.

Visit our website to see all our past Guardian Angels

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Or if you would like to make a donation over the phone please contact us at 705-445-5204

Together we are making a difference. Together we are saving lives.

From Pebbles – woof woof!! (translated into THANK YOU!)

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