Paying it Forward in Memory of Tucker

The Watchorn family is a family filled with extreme animal lovers!

We had the pleasure of working with Landon in our Animal Hospital in the summer of 2021. Landon, a University of Glasgow Veterinary Medicine student, supported Dr. Anick and the team with exceptional medical care while she completed her summer internship.

Last fall Landon’s parents, Jeff and Sherri, came forward with an offer to subsize two of the most important areas of need in animal care. The first urgent need was equipment that was required in the hospital and the second was to fund a spay and neuter clinic for Saugeen Shores First Nations. Their donation would cover the spay and neuter of 8 to 10 dogs in the community to prevent unwanted breeding. The Watchorn’s made a commitment of over $5,000 for this cause and were driven by a very special reason which was they wanted to commemorate their extraordinary dog, Tucker. Tucker was a 13 year old Golden Retriever that passed away in summer 2021.

We spoke to Sherri about Tucker and why he inspired the Watchorn family to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic.

“As you see from his pictures, Tucker loved the snow!  There are so many homeless dogs and cats that are forced to live outside in the harsh elements and are unable to enjoy the snow like Tucker.  Preventing overpopulation and homelessness, especially homelessness on cold winter nights, is a great reason to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic!” she shared.

While the Watchorn family lost Tucker, they wanted his spirit to live on and influence the lives of as many other animals as possible. Thank you Jeff, Sherri and Landon for your incredible contribution to animal care at the GTHS. Tucker’s memory will indeed live on.

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