PAW makes it POSSIBLE!

PAW makes it POSSIBLE!

Written by Janet Lees

After working as a volunteer for the Georgian Triangle Humane Society in 2015, Eimear Duggan decided to start 2017 off on the right PAW.

Knowing that reliable support was needed for the shelter animals, Eimear joined the GTHS’s PAW (Pre Authorized Withdrawal) Program in January, making a monthly donation to help the GTHS make a difference in the lives of shelter dogs and cats.

“I’m delighted to support the GTHS,” says Eimear. “I was touched by how dedicated everyone was when I volunteered at the shelter last year. I’ve seen how it works as an organization from the inside, the incredible work they do and the volume of pets going through the doors. It’s definitely something I wanted to continue to support, and a monthly donation seemed like a great way to help.”

PAW donors can give as little as $10 a month to provide a reliable source of income to use in the day-to-day care of shelter dogs and cats as well as helping with life-saving decisions.

“Misty is an excellent example of why the PAW program is so critical to our work. When she was surrendered into our care it was evident right away that her mouth and face was extremely painful. She would wince when we went to touch her. We were shocked when she returned from surgery that required 20 of her teeth to be removed. The change in her is amazing to witness – she is a different cat!” – states Robyn Underhill, Animal Health & Operations Supervisor at the GTHS animal shelter.

“Having seen the work everyone does in GTHS, I’m very comfortable that I know the money that I’m donating is going to the right place, directly where the funds are needed,” says Eimear. “It’s nice to know that your money will be well spent. I love animals, and this way I know that every month I’m helping animals live better lives and find forever homes. It’s a great feeling.”

For less than a dollar per day, YOU can make a significant impact in the life of an animal. You can play a vital role in their health and wellness, ensure that their final home is a forever one, and allow GTHS to provide ongoing animal welfare and responsible pet ownership education.


To join the PAW program or learn about the member benefits please visit:


Your gift saves lives.

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