PAW Donor Spotlight: Marissa

We chatted with Marissa Dolotallas, owner of See Sawyer Run, and asked her what donating to the GTHS Paw Program means to her and her business.

Q: Why did you decide to first give to the GTHS?

A: I decided to donate to the GTHS after I watched a dog being adopted. It was exciting – and emotional – knowing that a homeless dog will no longer feel sad and lonely. They are such beautiful animals and have so much love to give (yes, cats too!). Seeing all this… Aside from being a staff member (at the time), I wanted to do more, give more.  

Q: What interests you most about the GTHS? Why?

A: The GTHS is where magic happens – saving lives. Every. Single. Day. What powers this shelter is their amazing team: the volunteers, staff and their Executive Director, Sonya Reichel. All working together in a collaborative and supportive environment, with a mutual respect for each other. Their dedication to the cause, their resilience to do what it takes, their shared vision to make dreams come true… their teamwork is extraordinary! It was only a few short years ago that we dreamed of a hospital. Yet, here we are coming up to its first anniversary – Awesome PAWsome!

Q: Tell me about why you decided to become a PAW donor?

A: GTHS receives no funding from the government and operates solely with monies received from sponsors, fundraisers, and donors. I can’t even imagine a community without GTHS. We need them to work their magic – saving lives. They are fighting for the ‘underdog’ – the unwanted, the neglected, the abused – and they need our help to continue their fight. Being a PAW donor is the least I could do. Every little bit counts – and it’s only a minimum of $10 per month!

Q: Does the mission and values of the GTHS fit with the values of your business? If yes, please explain why…

A: YES! Just as the GTHS is on a mission to deliver innovative programs and compassionate services that enhance the lives of pets and the people that care for them, I run my business, See Sawyer Run, with a very similar mission – for the love of dogs.  

Five years ago, my husband (Chris Scerri) and I started a business inspired by our dog, Sawyer. He’s a rescue and it was love at first sight for all of us. With his puppy eyes filled with wonder and hope and his tail wagging ever so enthusiastically, adoption was the only option. Since then, Sawyer has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives – and he loves the outdoors just as much as we do! He joins us on all our adventures whether we’re hiking, canoeing or backcountry camping – and if we have high-performance technical gear to enhance our experience (keeping us cool when it’s hot outside or warm when it’s cold, or dry when it’s wet), so should Sawyer! And why not all dogs too? Sharing is caring so that’s when See Sawyer Run was born.

See Sawyer Run specializes in providing quality, high performance dog gear to support and encourage an active lifestyle all year round – rain or shine or snow. We’re an authorized dealer for Ruffwear. A brand highly regarded by search and rescue canine units and often a staff pick by Outside magazine. And… We are extremely proud to be their #1 online retailer in Canada! 

Through See Sawyer Run, we do our best to serve our customers with much care and attention, helping ensure their pets are ultimately as happy as can be. While we may not be saving lives as the GTHS does, we’re thrilled to make a difference in a dog’s life through our business. 

We love all that GTHS stands for – and have been supporting them as a community sponsor since we launched!

Thanks for your support, Marissa, and thank you for taking the time to speak with us! If you’re interested in becoming a Monthly PAW Donor, like Marissa, CLICK HERE.


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