Our Princess

By Judy Burrell, GTHS Cat Care Volunteer

Princess before groomShe’s a beautiful green eyed torti who loves catnip and we call her Princess.

She certainly didn’t grow up a princess.  Tenants moving into their new apartment in Wasaga found her hiding inside.  She had been abandoned by the previous tenants when they moved out, left to wait for whatever fate had in store.

Luckily the new people were kind enough to bring her to the GTHS.  As you might imagine, she was very frightened after her ordeal and we had quite a challenge ahead of us to return this kitty to health and happiness.  Although her fur was badly matted we could see that she was a beauty with her black and orange markings and although she hissed whenever we approached, we knew it was fear speaking and it would be overcome with time and patience.

Normally we introduce our kitties to the main room once they’re back to good health but Princess was still too anxious to be part of a large and boisterous group of cats.  GTHS isn’t a large facility with spaces to meet every need but we do have a bright front room where the quiet cats live while awaiting adoption.  The trouble is we have to turn it into the kitten room during the warm months in order to house the dozens of kittens that come to the sheltPrincesser.  We decided to try an experiment with Princess.  Would she mind being “mommy” in the kitten room?  Would it be less stressful for her than the main room?

We’re happy to report that Princess “mommy” is doing beautifully in the kitten room.  She greets the many visitors who come to see the kittens and she’s ready to go to her forever home.  If you already have a cat, that’s OK with Princess as long as you fuss over her too.  Princess is just three years old so she has a lot of love to give her new family and if you give her a little catnip she might give you a kiss.

To learn more about Princess please call 705-445-5204 ex 223 or email jennifer@gths.ca

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