Norman and Toffee…Cuddle Buddies for Life!

Norman and Toffee’s mom emailed us to let us know how they are doing.  She adopted them in early 2012 and they have become the best of friends!  Here’s her update:

I adopted Norman and Toffee AKA Tiffy in March 2012 and they have been such a great addition to my home. It took a few days for Toffee to adapt to her new home due to her shy nature, while Norman felt at home the second that he came in. Norman and Toffee are best friends and they rarely leave each others side. They love cuddling and playing with one another. They are such a pleasure to have around, and I love them very much. Thank you for these two wonderful cats! ~Agatha

Normand and Toffee 3 Norman and Toffee Norman and toffee 9 Norman and Toffee 8 Norman and Toffee 7 Norman and Toffee 6 Norman and Toffee 5 Norman and Toffee 4 Norman and Toffee 2

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