News from Lester on the East Coast

News from Lester on the East Coast

Howdy all my friends at GTHS, this is Lester, Mr. Personality!

lesterYou know what????? When I got to my new home there was a basket full of balls waiting for me to play with…and….they were all mine.  I got my new parent to pick up after me.  It was great fun watching her crawling under the tables and bed to retrieve the balls and put them back in the basket for me to take out again.  This human is going to be easy to train.  What a sucker.

For a while there I thought my new home was going to be the back of a car.  We traveled for 3 1/2  days before arriving at my forever home in Prince Edward Island.  I must say I weathered the trip well and now I’m near the Atlantic Ocean.  Never seen so much water. The beach is just fine.  I begged to be let off the leash to run on the sand and chase seagulls but no such luck yet.  Boy, do I ever love the new scents and sounds in this place.  A dog’s paradise for sure.

My new house has a backyard garden stairs leading to Confederation Trail where we walk every morning. I’m told a fox lives in the area but I haven’t met him yet.  Won’t that be fun when I do spy him.  Hope my owner can hold on tight.  I’ve spotted a couple of squirrels but they don’t interest me too too much now.  We just keep on walking and I keep on sniffing.

Hey, know what else????  There are other dogs in the neighbourhood.  I’ve sniffed the butts of four of them and they didn’t seem to mind a bit.  I think I will be able to make some really good friends here.  My new parent tells me a puppy will be arriving to a home just a few houses down.  Bet I’ll be able to teach him some really good tricks.  I’ll take him under my paw and see he grows up right.

My new parent has had a lot to do after getting home.  She promises that tomorrow is a day dedicated to me…all of it to me.  She says she will play catch with me at the dog park and that we will go to Cabot Beach a few miles away where many squirrels, rabbits,and skunks are anxiously waiting to have the pleasure of my company.  It is supposed to be a glorious day.  We are going to have funfun!fun!  Can’t wait!  I expect it to be a 10  Woof day.

I am told that next week is when my serious training starts.  I’ll work hard and learn everything for my new owner knows I am smart, smart and smart.  She keeps telling me I am and she also says I’m good , exceptionally good.  What else did she expect, I ask you.

Must say good bye now and get rested up for my big day tomorrow.  Hope you are all doing well and are having a fine time with the dogs I left behind.

Big husky hugs from Lester.

Lester enjoying a walk at the GTHS animal shelter
Lester enjoying a walk at the GTHS animal shelter

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