The Story of Mr. Business

A one-year-old cat, abandoned and unable to move, found
himself at the mercy of a kind stranger who discovered him by the roadside.
Carried to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society for help, amidst adversity, a
glimmer of hope emerged.

Initial X-rays showed no broken bones, but upon closer
inspection, it was evident that severe matting of his fur and a puncture wound was the culprit
behind his immobility. Under anesthesia, the hospital team painstakingly
removed the pelted fur, a procedure that stretched over two hours.

With the weight of his pelted coat lifted, the cat gradually regained his ability to move. Two weeks post-surgery, he was once again a picture of health, ready to find his forever home.

The tale of this resilient feline, dubbed Mr. Business, serves as a reminder of the vital role organizations like the GTHS play in rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need. Events like Walk for Pets provide crucial support, ensuring that stories like Mr. Business’s can have a happy ending.

Join us in making a difference. Register today for Walk for Pets, and together, let’s stride towards brighter tomorrows for animals in need. Your steps can transform lives and ensure that more animals like Mr. Business receive the care and second chance they deserve.

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