Motley’s crew

It’s Springtime in Ontario. If this isn’t your first trip around the sun in this province, you know that means unpredictable weather.

It’s the time of year when we often see cats like Motley. Motley was found as a stray on someone’s rural property in Meaford. Thankfully, her finder brought her to the GTHS.

Motley came to us emaciated. Young cats, like Motley, often struggle to find food during the Spring. Their inexperience in fending for themselves paired with a lack of available resources makes it a tough go.  Luckily, for Motley, she is currently being treated and has been put on a weight gain plan. She is being carefully monitored and is expected to make a full recovery following her extensive medical interventions.

Motley symbolizes the importance of spay/neuter surgery. By controlling the pet population, these procedures help prevent the undue suffering of outdoor cats. Thanks to the incredible teamwork displayed by our community, the GTHS is able to provide low-cost surgeries to pets from financially-limited homes, as well as complimentary surgeries for community (stray/feral) cats. From caring donors who give generously, to the compassionate volunteers who dedicate much of their spare time to TNR (trap-neuter-release), we are fortunate to have such a strong “crew” working hard to change Motley’s life, and the lives of other animals just like her.

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