Monday Musings: Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and it is an exciting time of year for the cats and dogs at the GTHS animal shelter. Each and every little creature is hoping (paws crossed!) to be chosen for adoption this holiday season.animal collage

Traditionally, adoptions over the holiday season, have been frowned upon by adoption agencies due to the theory that animals will be surrendered following the Christmas hustle and bustle. In other words, the novelty of a new puppy or kitten might quickly wear off.

Here at the GTHS, we have adopted a different view. The holiday season is a time when families gather  together and vacations are taken from work. The weather is colder and  more time is spent indoors (ideally by a roasting fire). The holidays brew the perfect setting for a new pet to be welcomed into the home. We encourage responsible adoptions at this time of year and are eager to see needy cats and dogs find loving homes for the holidays.

To this end, for 2014 the GTHS has joined the iAdopt for the Holidays campaign with the OSPCA. Our goal is to highlight why choosing to adopt is the responsible choice when bringing a new pet into your home. Shelter animals are vetted, healthy and loyal. To boot, they come with a phenomenal support team of animal care professionals. Adoption fees include the spay/neuter surgery, microchip, vaccines, parasite treatment as well as a trip to the veterinarian and 6 weeks of pet insurance. It is pretty much the best deal around!

With this in mind, the adoption team sets guidelines to ensure the transition is safe and smooth for your new pet.

1. Timing and Research

Although there is nothing more magical than the idea of a new pet being under the Christmas tree, this is a practice that we discourage at GTHS. Christmas Day is typically filled with activity and excitement. It can be very stressful for a new pet. Consider a week before or a week after your holiday festivities as the ideal time for the pet to arrive home. The GTHS adoption staff have spoken with Santa’s elves and they are 100% on board with making early or late deliveries.

Research, research, research. Cats, dogs, puppy, kitten; there are many choices to make. Be sure to take your time and make the right choice for your family and your lifestyle. To start your research visit Choosing the Right Pet for You.

2. A Smooth Transition

When bringing a new pet home, it is very important that the trip is well planned and stress-free. For this reason, we encourage a quiet room to be set up for new cats or a warm crate to be prepared for new dogs. Remember that your new pet has been through a lot of change and will be likely scared new-year-holiday-christmas-tree-tinsel-cat-cat-kitten-new-year-cat-kittenand unsure. Rest, quiet and lots of love are a great recipe for success.  For tips on preparing for a new cat or dog visit our Resource Centre.

3. Pet Proofing

Christmas is filled with chocolate, tinsel, poinsettias and toys galore. All of these festive goodies can be quite poisonous to your new pet and might result in an unexpected trip to the emergency room. For holiday safety tips visit ASPCA Holiday Safety.  Planning ahead can make the world of difference.

Thinking of adopting this holiday season? We commend you! We invite you to join us at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society to view our animals and speak with our adoption team. To start your journey visit GTHS Adoption Process and let the excitement begin!



3368998Sonya Reichel
Shelter Manager for the GTHS

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