Monday Musings: Have your Lost your Pet? Part 1

Loosing a pet is a terrifying and scary experience, for both pet and guardian.

If you have lost your pet in the Georgian Triangle area please fill in the “Lost Report” on our website. This report will be cross-checked with animals that have come in as strays to our facility.

Beauty 2
Beauty arrived at GTHS as a stray.

As soon as you discover your pet is missing, you should take action immediately. Do not wait for the animal to find its way home. Time is critical!
1) Search your home and immediate surroundings. Your pet could be scared and simply hiding nearby. Check under porches, decks, cars, in the garden, under trees, in the backyard etc.
2) Comb the neighborhood on foot or by car. Call your pet by name or make some familiar and attractive noises, like whistling, squeezing a squeak toy or shaking a bag of treats.
3) Check the FOUND section of the GTHS website;
4) Find a picture of your pet, make a poster and canvas door-to-door. Talk to neighbours, show them the picture, ask if you can look around their house/in their backyard (or if they will), ask them to keep an eye out and leave your contact information with them.
5) Post posters around your neighbourhood. Be sure to include a picture, details of the cat, any unique markings, and your contact information (Name, home phone, cell phone, email etc).
6) Call your local veterinarians. Don’t just call your vet, but contact all vets within your community. People often bring lost cats into vet offices.
7) Contact local radio stations. The Peak FM (Collingwood): you can post your lost pet on their website at The Beach (Wasaga): Call 705-422-0970.
8) Post about your lost pet on Facebook. Post on your wall and on the GTHS Facebook page wall, and ask people to share. Facebook is one of the best ways to spread word. There are many animal lovers on Facebook and many are willing to share your post with others in the area. Be sure to include: pet picture, description, unique markings, date lost and your contact information (both for home and work).
9) Post to the “Lost Dogs of Simcoe County” or “Lost Cats of Simcoe County” Facebook page.
10) If you are missing your cat, contact: Furry Friends (Collingwood); Wasaga Beach Vet – Cat Sanctuary (Wasaga Beach). See if anybody has reported a found cat to them or surrendered one.

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