Monday Musing; Neonatal Care for Puppies and Kittens

Did you know that newborn puppies and kittens cannot regulate their body temperature on their own during their first three weeks of life? And that this body temperature is below what we usually found in adult individuals? Did you know they have nearly no immunity right after birth? Did you know they cannot digest starch?

_MG_2812DSC00064These important questions require answers!

On February 10th the GTHS held an informative lecture on the “Essential Facts your Shelter Staff and Volunteers need to know on Canine and Feline Neonatology” in conjunction with Royal Canin. Below are links to lecture notes so that we can share all of their valuable information.

Happy reading!


Royal Canin Blog Links:

Interested in watching the lecture?

“Care to orphaned puppies and kittens”:

Stay tuned on our website for our next Royal Canin lecture on Canine Dermatology!

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