Monday Musing; does your dog need training?

Unfortunately the sad reality is that the shelter system is overwhelmed and over flowing with unwanted and displaced pets.  According to the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, the top 10 reasons people surrender their animals to shelters include; Aggression towards strangers, aggression towards children, aggression towards other animals, elimination issues, fears of various things, destructive behaviour in home, destructive behaviour outside of the home, escaping the home and property, general disobedience, and high energy needs.  Through basic obedience many, if not all, of these issues can be avoided.  The simple truth is that a well behaved dog is a pleasure to have around and more likely to be welcomed in the places you and your family visit.  Basic obedience training not only helps you avoid becoming a sad statistic but drastically improves the quality of life for you, your family and your furry friend. Freeway

There are many different training theories and techniques available, which training model will work best for your dog highly depends on their individual personality, drives, motivations and learning style.  Basic training with the use of positive rewards has been scientifically proven as the most ideal method to stimulate the dog’s brain to begin the process of simple problem solving while building confidence and strengthening the trust bond between dog and owner.  Positive rewards can be anything from food to praise to play, the trick is finding what your dog likes best and using that reward to begin the process.  Just because you may initially start off using a food reward doesn’t mean that you have to continue doing so.  With professional guidance you can reliably transfer from one motivator to another while still achieving excellent command responsiveness.  Our professional trainers ensure that every canine companion and family receives individual attention in order to identify each dog’s learning style and motivators.  Our small class sizes provide our professionals with the ability to modify teaching techniques as well as identify early warning signs of deeper behavioural issues, to ensure that every family achieves their training goals.

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